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The Team

The mission of this documentary is to show how veterans of foreign wars AND their families can truly have a new life - a second life after they serve our great country.  This is OUR duty to them - to serve them, to support them, to empower them -  so they can live the life they deserve after they give so much  - so selflessly. Please join us in a dedicated effort to serve those who served us!


This documentary has an educational component and a political outreach component- we would like to raise funds to ensure the right people see this documentary.

Educational component: to enlighten the military, veteran and civilian community about complementary therapies specifically to combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This film shows how someone with PTSD can truly live a full life again after coming home from combat and after transitioning from the military. University screenings in nursing, psychology and medical schools is especially important. 

Political Outreach Component:  In order to create awareness about this very important issue, we are seeking funds to take this beyond our own city to make sure this film educates politicians who ostensibly have the power to change the course of the future. If they are enlightened about and acknowledge these untraditional therapies, I am confident they will change the course of what veteran care will be in the future. In essence, healthcare will provide these therapies as a viable path.


Nicole Amelio-Casper, MA.

Director and Producer

Willa Luccianetti, Senior Associate Producer

Hannah Cowan, Senior


Chris Bruce and Bruce Productions, Strategy

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