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We are seeking corporate sponsorship funds and donations ($20,000) for outreach.  These funds would go directly to: 


1. A local NON-PROFIT organization the Haven empowering veterans every day!


2. University screenings and other venue screenings


3. Marketing, distribution costs, and fees - and once distributed a portion of the sales will go directly to the non-profits in the film to help veterans directly.


4. Film festival fees and costs to spread awareness in the film community and beyond


5. Travel to special meetings and events with politicians and other important influencers who can incite change. To reiterate, we not only want the veteran and military community to see this documentary, but also politicians across the US. They can really make a significant change and funnel more funds into these programs if they can fully understand the effectiveness of these programs. I also provide research studies on the effectiveness of the program in the documentary as well as providing literature at university and other screenings.



Thank you so much in advance for your support and help us bring this film to the right audience to incite change in every community across the country. 

Individual Donors: Any amount of support is greatly appreciated!

*Mention in credits 



Silver Ambassador: $100-$499

*Mention in credits, press release and local events 

Gold Ambassador: $500-$1499 

*Mention in credits, press release, university screenings, film festivals


Platinum Ambassador: $1500 + 

Highlight throughout the film, in credits, mention at University screenings and film festivals 

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