My Story 

My name is Nicole Amelio-Casper and I traveled the country and overseas for 20 years with my military family. I am a documentarian filmmaker. I tell stories on film  - stories of triumph over challenge. 

I was one of the many military spouses on the other side of the pond supporting my family,  and best friends they endured deployments.  


When they returned home with wounds, some were seen, some were unseen. Some came home with wounds so deep, they withdrew from others, and lost their sense of normalcy.


This really hit home when one of my best friends in North Carolina who was in the Army for 24 years revealed to me she had PTSD. She told me her story - every single detail-from the moment of when the trauma occurred overseas, to what she copes with every day. She also stopped taking medication because there were negative side effects. My heart just went out to her and I wanted to help her and others like her in that very moment.


Many ask me why I wanted to film this documentary. My answer is this: 20 veterans a day. That is 20 veterans who commit suicide every day as well as active-duty military. Over 6000 veterans committed suicide in 2018. I had friends who were married to soldiers with PTSD after coming home from war and I had close girlfriends with PTSD who also served overseas. Their lives were broken. Some marriages ended and some lives ended because of PTSD. 


The non-profit organizations are located in the Fort Leavenworth area and in Dallastown, Pennsylvania. These outstanding non-profits are Camp Valor Outdoors, Horses and Heroes, Warriors Best Friend, and Equiteam Support Services. They provide outdoor recreation therapy, Eagala equine-assisted psychotherapy, canine therapy, and one other therapy I won't reveal.  It is surprising to me and it may be for you too. Please contact them for more information on how to be part of their amazing programs!,,, and